Zu­rück zum Job
16,00 €/Std.
ab so­fort un­be­fris­tet 4 Std. mehr­mals pro Wo­che
1190 Wien (Dö­bling)
Haus­halt vor 3 Mo­na­ten
  • An­zahl der Kin­der:

    3 Kin­der

  • Al­ter der Kin­der:

    4-5 Jah­re, 6-9 Jah­re

  • Be­son­der­hei­ten:

    Tie­re im Haus­halt, Füh­rer­schein er­for­der­lich, Haus­auf­ga­ben­be­treu­ung

  • Per­sön­li­che An­mer­kun­gen:

    We are loo­king for a pro­fes­sio­nal (pre­fe­r­a­b­ly Ger­man spea­king) nan­ny with dri­ving li­cen­se for three from Sep­tem­ber. Plea­se find be­low the ro­les and du­ties.

    Ex­pe­ri­en­ced nan­ny wan­ted for Dutch/Bri­tish fa­mi­ly in 1190 with three child­ren ages 4,6,8

    Sche­du­le is rough­ly:
    - pre­pa­ring a snack (eg fruit and yo­ghurt, bis­cuits, cheese) for the child­ren,
    - so­me for­ward plan­ning for ho­me / out­door ac­ti­vi­ties, din­ner, then
    - coll­ec­ting them from ki­ga / hort by car
    - brin­ging them eit­her ho­me or on­to their ac­ti­vi­ty, or the play­ground, pool etc.
    - ho­me­work sup­port
    - do­ing crafts / arts / ac­ti­vi­ties, play ga­mes, sup­porting ba­sic li­ter­a­cy and nu­me­ra­cy skills
    - pre­pa­ring child­ren's din­ner
    - as­sis­ting them and gui­ding them with tidy ti­me of their toys and crafts, be­drooms etc,
    - Then hel­ping them bath, hel­ping them put their laund­ry away and help them get re­a­dy for bed
    - Hel­ping put their din­ner dis­hes in the dish­wa­s­her and cle­ar up the kit­chen / di­ning room if they ha­ven't al­re­a­dy do­ne it
    - Ac­ting as a pro­xy par­ent bet­ween the school/ki­ga/hort so being ma­tu­re, re­s­pon­si­ble, ta­king in­itia­ti­ve and in de­ci­si­on-ma­king

  • Ka­te­go­ri­en:

    Stu­den­ten­job, Ge­ring­fü­gi­ge Be­schäf­ti­gung, Haus­halts­jobs

  • An­for­de­run­gen:


Zu­rück zum Job
16,00 €/Std.
ab so­fort un­be­fris­tet 4 Std. mehr­mals pro Wo­che
1190 Wien (Dö­bling)